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A place you have never visited before can be experienced as beautiful and marvellous in terms of colours, architecture, fragrances and sounds. During a guided tour you get to experience another dimension that can be surprising, maybe slightly scary or absolutely wonderful! 


My name is Ingrid Persson Skog. I specialize in guided tours mainly in Båstad - Bjäre, on the Kulla Peninsula and in Helsingborg - Helsingör/Elsinore. Apart from the pandemic seasons of 2020 and 2021, up to 2,500 people are guided annually via my company Språkguiden Ingrid Persson Skog.


The Birgit Nilsson Museum, Norrviken Gardens, Rolfs Flyg & Buss, Väderötrafiken, GRAM Hotels, Hotel & Restaurant Hovs Hallar, The Ingmar Bergman Project in Skåne, the Margretetorps Gästgifvaregård, Märta Måås-Fjetterström AB and Torekovs turist- och badförening are among my clients. 
Furthermore, I have guided cruise travellers during their shore excursions in Helsingborg, Helsingör/Elsinore, Båstad and Halmstad. Guiding international journalists on press trips to north-west Scania is a very stimulating part of my work.


A number of companies, private individuals and organizations regularly hire me for bus, boat and bicycle excursions plus  guided walks, especially on the Bjäre Peninsula. I design customized programs and company safaris on request.

Photo credit: Annika Thunström

Annika Thunström jag guidar vid grottan_edited.jpg

Kimme Rosenqvist

“Tag tillfället i akt och låt den eminenta guiden Ingrid Persson Skoog leda er runt på Hallands Väderö”
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