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"In Birgit Nilsson's footsteps" guided tours for visiting music journalists

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

The Birgit Nilsson Days in August always attract international music journalists who come for the concerts - this year The Masterclass Concert, the Stipend Concert and Tosca in Concert. I had been asked to take some of the journalists on guided tours in Birgit Nilsson's footsteps: Tom Stewart, BBC Music Magazine, Lorena Jiménez Alonso, Ritmo Magazine Spain, Peter Quantrill,, and Pierre Flinois, Ópera Magazine France. Naturally we started at the Birgit Nilsson Museum before it became part of the concert venue developing in the museum area the days before Tosca in Concert. In books by and about the opera star the beauty of the Bjäre Peninsula is lovingly described. We walked along the hiking trail named "In Birgit Nilsson's footsteps", visited her final resting place at Västra Karup, listened to wonderful music and stopped in scenic places. A trip to the local heritage museum had to be included, as the opera star sponsored it for about half a century, thus starting the long tradition of Birgit Nilsson concerts in Bjäre. Båstad and the Birgit Nilsson Statue, the church and Båstad Centre Court were also part of the programme. In the rainy summer of 1964 La Nilsson had a memorable concert at Båstad Centre Court. It was certainly rainy during the Tosca performance in 2023, too. The audience, a colourful palette of rainwear, had equipped themselves for bad weather. In spite of the rainfall, people will cherish the performance as a fantastic concert memory.



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